IBC Module.png

IBC Module is a more advanced product in PV area, SPIC Solar collaborated with ISC Konstanz from 2016 in IBC technology research, we are the third company in the world realized IBC solar panel production and start the module production from 2019.

With more than 2years of market validation and project application ,SPIC Solar introduced ANDROMEDA 2.0 series IBC solar module from the end of 2021, could provide a higher efficiency lower degradation and longer guarantee solar module product.

Now, SPIC Solar has a integrated IBC solar module product-line hereunder:

High Efficiency SeriesElegant Series(Whole Black)Flexible Series

Mono Glass

(Double 25Years Warranty)

120HC Cells(385/390/395W)120HC Cells(375/380/385W)120HC Cells(355/360/365W)
132HC Cells(425/430/435W)132HC Cells(415/420/425W)
144HC Cells(460/465/470W)144HC Cells(450/455/460W)

Dual Glass

(Double 30Years Warranty)

120HC Cells Bifacial(380/385/390W)120HC Cells Bifacial(370/375/380W)
132HC Cells Bifacial(420/425/430W)132HC Cells Bifacial(410/415/420W)
144HC Cells Bifacial(455/460/465W)144HC Cells Bifacial(445/450/455W)