Biggest PV Plant Holder
As of November 2023 , SPIC holds over 76.8GW solar plants, ranking 1st in the world for 7 successive year, also the biggest clean energy supplier in the world.
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Advanced Clean Energy Supplier State Power Investment Corporation Limited Group(hereinafter referred to as “SPIC”) established in July 2015 through the restructuring of the former China Power Investment Corporation and State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation. As one of the five major power generation groups in China and the largest solar power ge...


Holds over 245GW power plants, including solar, wind, hydropower, nuclear and thermal power.

200Billion tons

Annually reduce over 200Billion tons CO₂ emission by clean energy.


The CO₂ is Equal to planting over 11Billion trees

SPIC Solar is the sole company realize TOPCon, PERC, IBC three series products production enterprise, has built production lines with N-type TOPCon cells and modules, P-type PERC cells and modules, and N-type IBC cells and modules.


SPIC Solar concentrated in IBC technology from 2017 and started the program with ISC from 2019, now we are the one of the three IBC product supplier in the world, could provide high efficiency ZEBRA IBC Solar Cell and ANDROMEDA IBC Solar Module.

Solar Cell

Interdigitated Back Contact (IBC) Cell without busbar on the front-side, will show a perfect appearance compared with traditional cell product. SPIC Solar ZEBRA IBC Cell could reach up to 25% cell efficiency.

Solar Module

SPIC Solar ANDROMEDA IBC module could provide up to 22.1% module efficiency and lower than 7% world-record 25years total degradation. Better appearance and more power generation within the lifetime.

As the biggest PV plants holder in the world ,SPIC group built and held more than 40GW PV plants in the past several years, including the world biggest PV plant Gonghe 2.2GW PV energy base and the Guinness world-record the biggest graphic PV plant Dalad leader project.
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Invitation丨SPIC Solar meets you at SNEC 2024 in Shanghai, China

Come and discover us at SNEC 2024! Our team is eager to showcase our latest advancements in BC technology. Don't miss out on this opportunity to meet the SPIC Solar team and experience ...



Invitation丨SPIC Solar meets you at PV EXPO 2024 in Tokyo, Japan

Invitation丨SPIC Solar meets you at PV EXPO 2024 in Tokyo, Japan